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Established in 2006, YIXIANG Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of Brick Making Machine, Non-autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block technologies. Having sets of complete production equipment and a talented team, we have the capability to design, research, develop, manufacture and market. The machinery manufactured by us is fit for producing cement bricks, hollow blocks, CLC blocks, pavers, grass pavers, water permeable pavers, curbstone and so on. 

Sticking to the operation philosophy of achieving high quality with science and technology, building the durable and striving for survival with high quality, using science and technology as the impetus of progress, innovation as the accelerator of development, and first-class service as the basis of profits, and adhering to the enterprise spirit of persistence, excellence and absolute perfection, we, YIXIANG Machinery, can help to meet customers’ demands, make contributions to society and lay a solid foundation for our entry into the international market. 

Integrity based and customer first, we provide products with comprehensive and reasonable mechanical structure and functions. The services which integrate with safety, high-efficiency, and professionalism are dedicated to customers through perfect and convenient operating procedures, the most advanced automation technology as well as the most excellent service. 

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